Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 3 - Plague Monks

Hello all - today we continue with a few of the old rank and file Plague Monks. This was always one of my favourite units but the paintjob always caused me problems. These have been painted the traditional green, a deep purple and other "uniforms" while I tried to decide what colour they should. Eventually they ended up being black with a yellow line (to represent how often they let me down :-)). In my opinion this looked both visually nice and threatening. Tehir swords are bone coloured (perhaps a bit too bright) but it worked well with the dark colours and was part of the background fluff for my clan of Skavens. I really hope I can find this fluff somewhere...
Edit: I found a pdf of the spring catalogue from 1986 when the cental plaguemonk was first sold as part of the very first Skaven wave of models. Apparently he was called "Spyne Blightmaster" - thats a pretty cool name :-). Sculpted by Jes Goodwin - best Skaven sculpter ever.
Plague Monks

Plague Monks
Some of these are quite old plague monks while some were the current ones when I stopped bying the ever tempting GW-models. Three of these are from a different miniature company that I simply can not remember the name of - perhaps it was a French company? If you do know this then please let me know!
Plague Monks

If I remember these were usually fielded in a big block of 30 PM with 15 (max) plague censor bearers in front. I loved watching them rip apart expensive stuff - especially my friends high elven cavalry :-).

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