Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Empire Halberdiers - Games Workshop

Hello all!
More re-photographed minis - this time some of the old Empire Halberdiers from Games Workshop. These are from when they still supported their Warmaster (fantasy) game and did so with some amazing miniatures. These halberdiers are probably some oft he first sculpts they made and it shows - they are smallish and without the level of detail that the skirmishers, flagellants etc have. Also their position on one strip make them hard to paint and after one unit most sane peaople would swear never to paint another.

But they are pretty nice ones painted and look impressive on the battlefield with their oversized halberds :-).
Best regards,


  1. Det ser sgu godt ud Kasper. Der er ved at være rimelig mange artikler. Specielt den om Psyko elefanten er skræmmende.
    Vi ses den 13. Jeg må se om jeg kan nå at få græs på. Ellers har jeg fået malet en del.

  2. Hey there,
    What program do you use to make the maps of your deployment et cetera? thanks.

  3. Howdy! Its a nifty little free program called Battlechronicler. Takes a bit of getting used to but afterwards is a pleasure to work with.
    All the best,


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