Sunday, 28 February 2010

Trebuchet from Irregular Miniatures

Hello all!
for our (hopefully) soon-to-be Warmaster siege-game I have managed to finish the Trebuchet I bought a long time ago from that fine miniature company called Irregular Miniatures. This is from their 6mm line, but for terrain and siege equipment I have decided to go 6mm - it just looks more convincing with the 10mm troops and is a lot cheaper :-).

The mini is plagued by miscasts - the entire weight-thingie in front is devoid of any details except on one of the lower sides. A shame, but I dont think it will be evident from a normal viewing distance, and it was so quickly painted that I forgot to be angry. And besides a large Trebuchet for only 1£ is a bargain even with a few miscast details.
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