Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Void Spiders painted (Shadows of Brimstone 7)

Hello all,
Another day, another set of monsters - this time it is the nasty little Void Spiders:

Josh discovers he is intensely arachnofobic

My son insist on calling them "face-huggers" and they do resemble those very much. Arachnid, no eyes but a huge, gaping maw underneath.

Shadows, Brimstone, painted, monster, void, spider

All twelve are exactly the same, so I tried to add a little variety thourgh which parts were painted pink/light green and by having two sets - one coloured as the Tentacles and the Goliath, and one as the Hell Bats.

Shadows, Brimstone, painted, monster, void, spider

The greatest detail of these are the mouth, and as this is hidden by the stance of the critter, it would have been nice to have one poised on the hind legs or similar. In hindsight I should have converted a few to just this, but that is something for next month, next year, or the next life :-).

All the best,


  1. Very cool - great figures and photography as always

    1. Thanks DeanM - the camera was being annoying but in the end a somewhat satisfactory result was produced.


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