Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Slashers painted (Shadows of Brimstone 4)

Hello all,
Another of the basic monster type groups for Shadows of Brimstone. This time it is the "Slashers". Medium strength and nasty in numbers.

Shadows, Brimstone, Slashers, monsters, painted, review

The models are actually alright - the huge, gaping maw in the middle is quite nice and they look nasty. But again, very soft details. The teeth and claws are more or less a guess as to where they begin and where they end. And the tentacles on the back are so ill-fitting that if you wanted to remove all traces of the problem you would have to use a pound of Green Stuff. But, hey, once the game is underway noone will be looking at such small details :-).

Shadows, Brimstone, Slashers, monsters, painted, review

A note on the bases, or lack thereof; I'll be doing these in large batches after all the minis are done. At the moment I am inclined to just do dark sand - but it would be nice to find a ton of old cowboy stuff to put on these (broken wheels, hats, etc.). Perhaps I should raid the kids' playboxes :-).

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