Friday, 21 November 2014

Slashers painted (Shadows of Brimstone 10)

Hello all,
One with the horror show; this time the Slashers. Notice how great Josh has become at lining up monsters.

The slashers are one of two types of medium monsters and actually very difficult to kill. We've had three of these turn up and they are very hard opponents. The idea behind them - a sort of mix between locusts, beetles and something entirely weird - is also cool.

Shadows, Brimstone, Slashers, painted, monsters

Unfortunately, the models are sort of flat and without details. Perhaps ahd I had an air brush these would be fun but in my case I had more or less given up getting nice results and had settled for quick results. Hence the lack of detail. But, hey, they look great from a distance :-).

Shadows, Brimstone, Slashers, painted, monsters

And Josh really likes his new pets - just look at him parading them around :-)

Shadows, Brimstone, Slashers, painted, monsters

All the best,

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  1. Nice work. I think we just have to realise these are Boardgame playing pieces, and not miniature models. Then they look much better!


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