Friday, 7 November 2014

Tentacles painted (Shadows of Brimstone 5)

Hello all,
So, on with the pictures! While I may have been a bit harsh in my comments on the previously shown models from Shadows of Brimstone, these tentacles are actually quite good. But then again, how could they not be? They are just tentacles.
Anyways, they were fun to paint and took less time than it has taken to write this and upload the pictures :-).

Shadows, brimstone, tentacles, monster, review, paint
Josh: So, how many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten-tickles!
 They turned ot to be somewhat larger than I had expected, but the detail is ok. Not super-razor-sharp but sufficient. They could see action in quite a lot of different games.

Shadows, brimstone, tentacles, monster, review, paint
I told my friend that an Octopus has Tentacles. He said "I thought they only had eight"

One thing that does somewhat annoy me is the rocks at their base. These rocks are quite badly sculpted - few details and looks more like foam than rocks. Also why no small sand or similar? I'll add some once I get around tot basing these tentacles, but it does seem like the sculptor had forgotten about the base and then whipped something together in a few minutes of frentic sculpting just before deadline.

Shadows, brimstone, tentacles, monster, review, paint
I feel sorry for Paul the psychic octopus. All that hard work and now he's being made to retire. It must be like a big kick in the tentacles.
So, more painted stuff for Brimstone coming up, and sorry for Josh's bad jokes.

All the best,

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