Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hungry Dead (Ol' Miners) painted (Shadows of Brimstone 8)

Hello all,
One of the most numerous enemies in the boardgame Shadows of Brimstone are the Hungry Dead. They come in three different types; an old miner, a dancing girl, and a generic walking dead. They are also the worst minis of the lot! Crappy proportions, bad details and weird faces.

These are the Old Miner type - not bad from a distance, with the old pickaxe being a nice touch.

Up close and personal they are just terrible.
Needless to say, these were painted very quickly.

Shadows, Brimstone, Zombies, Hungry, Dead, painted

But they will work and just look how good Josh is at getting his trained zombies to dance for us!

Shadows, Brimstone, Zombies, Hungry, Dead, painted
All the best,


  1. Hi Kasper, sorry to away so long, lots of great stuff you've been working on. One thing that struck me is how we are expecting more and more from "game pieces", something I am guilty of as well. I like the color choices and admire the apparent speed with which you painted them. Good to see the 10mm lads are still being painted too.

    1. Hi Sean,
      Hope things have been okay and great to see you back. And yes, a few 10mm are always on my paint desk but I really find that it is very dependent upon my mood whether they see any paint -I really need to be fresh and eager to paint before they get any attention.


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