Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Beastie Boys - The Beastial parts of a Slaaneshi Warband

Hello all,
So my Slaaneshi warband seems to consist of two parties - the greenskins (featured here) and the more perverted animalistic party. This consists of Akward, the minotaur, and his two beastmen followers - twisted into a arachnid/spider bodies.

I've still to actually roll some dice to create this warband - more a case of painting what I feel like - but I think it could be fun to reverse engineer the group and see what they actually represent. I guess these two beatmen could also work as centaurs?

And the green brigade:

Not the most impressive warband so far, but already too large to fit in one photo :-).

More beastmen coming soon(ish).

All the best,


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