Friday, 4 April 2014

Ebay Addiction: More Old Minitatures Citadel / Runequest (that-I-did-not-really-need-but-still-had-to-get)

Hello all,
Oh, that Ebay is an evil port. You go there just to look and suddenly you have even more unpainted lead. But these old beauties were so cheap...
So what did I get? This lot:

Runequest, old, oop, Newtling, Dragonewt

A pair of sweet old "Runequest Box 5: Dragonewts" - Runequest miniatures from ca. 1982

Newtling with Sling and Crested Dragonewt with Javelin- these guys are tiny!

Citadel, c09, Dark Elf, High Priest, Solid Base, c-0915, 1984

This chap I've never seen before. Listed as a "Citadel 1980s C09 Dark Elf / Elves - Sorcerer / High Priest (A)". His correct, much shorter name, is C-0915 High Priest of the old solid base Dark Elves from ca. 1984. Quite an old chap. Will make an excellent sorcerer for my Slaaneshi warband :-).

Runequest, old, miniature, oop, Scorpion, Man, converted

These two weird minis I bought because I thought they were variants of the old "Runequest Box 4: Beast Men - Scorpion Man with Club". They were not and are two pretty crappy conversions - the club is gone, a shield has been added and each have received a new beastman head. I've been working on them with green stuff to hide the old conversion and have added a little something special to them to make them more Slaaneshi - I think they might turn out just fine :-).

Runequest, old, miniature, oop, Scorpion, Man, converted

Watch the stinger, please!
Stay tuned for the painted versions - the newtlings and scorpion men are almost done already :-).

All the best,

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