Monday, 7 April 2014

Ebay Addiction: Goblin Raiding Party (I-really-shouldn't-buy-more-lead...)

Hello all,
Apparently I bought some more minis on Ebay. This is the second to last batch and then I've got to stay away from that evil site. It seems every time I pop in, somehow someone buys minis and sends the bill to me. Luckily I also get the minis, but still.
But how am one to not buy pretty old minis like these? And so cheap?
This time the damage was limited to a few adorable Goblins:

These mighty (?) goblins are members of the old Citadel "Speciality Set 4 - Goblin Raiding Party". They answer to the brilliant names of Torg Dwarfsmasher (Goblin Champion), Snurd Hideflayer (Discipline Master, with whip), Urag Legeater (attacking with Warpick), and (my favourite) Gigblad Childsplatter (with Morningstar). 

Speciality Set, 4, Goblin Raiding Party, Torg Dwarfsmasher, Snurd Hideflayer, Urag Legeater, Gigblad Childsplatter, citadel, oop

Brilliant names - Childsplatter, not sure that would be allowed today - and brilliant characters.
I must say I find a strange satisfaction painting minis that are some thirty years old and which have never received a proper paint job. And these have so much character that I can't wait to get painting them!

All the best,


  1. It's Child's Platter. He's a waiter who specializes in serving at the kiddies' table...

    1. Hi Stu - I think it is more likely that he always orders the Child's platter (three types of morsels...) :-).


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