Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My son sculpted a mini! And some Heroquest action shots

Hello all,
My son is the best.
And I don't just say that because I'm totally biased, no he paints miniatures quite well and having watched him sculpting Slaaneshi claws using blue-tac, I figured I would let him play around with some Miliput. And although this won't win him a Crystal Brush for sculpting, I do think his chaotic, mutated, beastman is a pretty great first attempt:

I guess we should call him Giraffe-man, and I don't think I've ever seen a Broo with that animal as the beastial part, so an unique sculpt :-):

I'm quite proud of him, and he has kindly let me paint the beastman and I'm looking forward to it. He enjoyed the experience and can't wait to try it again - he has also gotten a new-found respect for all those talented sculptors out there = mission accomplished :-).

We also - at the urging of my youngest son (5) - got to play some Heroquest.

Now the youngest enjoys this very much and plays a Barbarian wearing the Helmet and the Shield, making him an invincible killing machine who can do whatever he likes - hence my sons love of the game :-).

My wife's Elf and the oldest sons' Dwarf were less lucky and were killed by the evil magician who I decided could cast a fireball each turn and summon Zombies.

Not entirely fair, but all had a good time :-).

All the best,


  1. All ways nice to see the next generation getting involved

    1. It does make it a lot more fun - and easier to get some hobby-time when it counts as time well spent with the kids rather than spent alone :-).

  2. Love the Giraffe-man! Expect to see him as a Mage's henchman in your next game of HQ!

    1. He will be a mighty henchman - although, due to his hight, indoors fighting may present certain problems :-).


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