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Bum Fuzzle and his Confusables - Greenskin Slaaneshi Warband

Hello all,
Time to give an update on the greener parts of the Slaaneshi warband I've been painting over the last month.
If for no other reason, then because they look like a happy familyu in this group photo:

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So the leader is the mighty orc champion Bum Fuzzle (more pictures of him here), a powerful Orc who for some reason has found himself in the service of Slaanesh. He has yet to fully graspthe differentiated nature of the Chaos gods but was told that a service to them would provide amble opportunity for slaughter. 
He is still waiting for the promised experience of a throne of skulls and rivers of blood and wanders around somewhat confused about why he needs to don purple armour but due to his fickle memory he keeps forgetting to seek employment elsewhere. Oh, and for a long time he also wished he had a boar to ride into battle on - Slaanesh, amused by the confused orc's thought,decided to bless him with a mighty steed:

The beast and orc were brought together in a chance meeting in the woods. Fuzzle's first thoughts were along the lines of how much wargear he could buy with the huge teeth on the Sabretooth. But the beast's vicious growlings made him pause and a slow sense of respect - something entirely new for the orc - grew. The two are now inseparable, hunting the wilderness killing and maiming everything they find, be it animals or sentient beings. Never before has the Orc been so close to happiness and his confusion has been momentarily forgotten. But Slaanesh is a fickle being and grows tired of the pleasure gained through the orc's rampagings  so life will probably bring new challenges for the warlord, and soon.

Bum Fuzzle's life has recently been complicated (and even more confused) by two new groups of followers. The first is the remnants of a goblin raiding party (more pictures of them here). The four goblins (Torg Dwarfsmasher, Snurd Hideflayer, Urag Legeater, and Gigblad Childsplatter) are what is left of a waargh that went entirely wrong. 
Their shaman got confused and led his chieftain to believe that they should head north into the chaos wastes instead of the lush, fat lands of the empire. 
One by one they were killed, maimed, and eaten by the inhabitants of the north (who were all quite happy to have small, bite-sized beings enter their domain) until the four unhappy goblins decided to leg it, and leg it fast. They kept running until they found an orc and have since refused to leave him out of sight, clinging to him for leadership and guidance in (what they have learnt) is a very, very scary world. Unfortunately for Bum Fuzzle that orc is him and he has since their arrival been utterly confused as to why they continue to shadow his every step and why he has not yet killed them - yet the voices in the back of his mind insists that he should let them live for now. 

The other followers are two more goblins. At least that is the conclusion Bum Fuzzle's addled brain has reached. Short, weak, and green equals goblins. And although the 'real' goblins keep jabbering something else, Fuzzle has lumped the two groups of smaller greenskins together.
Actually the two are young skinks. The last two to crawl out of the spawning pond, the rest of the lizardmen had left by the time the two exited the waters. Left on their own, the two wandered aimlessly, confused about everything. Through some fluke - or the workings of Slaanesh - they went through one of the Lizardmens magical vortexes andstumbled upon Bum Fuzzle. As two addled chickens they have decided that he is their mother and have since followed him, scrabbling with the goblins for his attention.

This little warband thus so far consists of a brute of an orc on a tiger the size of a horse, continously trailed by a group of lesser green beings consistently arguing amongst themselves and adding to Bum Fuzzle's continous state of confusion.

If there ever was proof of Slaanesh's perverted senses this warband is surely it!

Oh well, better get back to painting some more followers to make dear mr. Fuzzle's life ever more confusing :-).

All the best,


  1. Great looking warband, and I love the narrative!

    1. Hi Paul - and thanks, these minis write their own narrative so full of character are they :-)

  2. Nice work; love the photography too!


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