Friday, 2 May 2014

Tor Gaming? Halfling Paladin or rich Goblin knight?

Hello all,
I stumbled across this beautiful miniature:

Tor, Gaming, Goblin

I've since tried to figure out what it might be and what else is coming in Tor Gaming's forthcoming fundraiser (I think this also works as a link to it?). But I must admit I havn't been very succesful - a secretive company or my Googl-fu is not strong today.

If you have ever bougth any of their sculpts or know what they are planning I would really appreciate the information :-).

Anyways, I've signed up for their newsletter and hope they will give some more information before the fundraiser ( ) goes live on the 5th, as I really like this mini!

All the best,


  1. That is the exclusive sculpt. The knight is actually a Ridendian. Ridend are going to be a new faction (think goblins like the ones in the David Bowie film labarynth) this is for their 28mm game Relics.

    1. Hi Carl! Ridendian? Going to be interesting to see what they produce. There seems to be a nice trend of Labyrinthian miniatures getting produced at the moment. I like it :-).


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