Sunday, 22 January 2012

Warmaster battle coming up!

Hello all,
Our next battle is rapidly approaching and these be the rules of engagement:


Warmaster Scenario: Seize and Control:
In any larger siege the control of nearby resources is of the utmost importance for all involved. This scenario represents a large foraging army sent out to places of import near such a siege where they encounter the opposing army. Both sides seek to gain control of the strategic objectives on the field of battle, perhaps more important than inflicting casualties.

1250 points (min/max limits as for 1000p).

Three armies, all fighting against each other.

Deployment: Hidden setup, 20cm in. 
Special rules:
Skirmishing moves (i.e. skirmishers gets a free move after all deployment has been done, the one with the most skirmishing units begins).
Artillery Master (i.e. our old favourite Special Character - tons of rules - this game he will be bringing an organ gun for free).
Infantry Special (i.e. if infantry are within a particular piece of terrain at the time of an order are given to them see throughout the terrain piece. E.g. an infantry brigade can charge within a city if they are inside it when the order is given.).


Red denotes deployment zones and blue the four objectives.

Victory Conditions:
Normal victory points will only be used to decide a tie, and break points are not applied.
After each player's turn he will be awarded one point for each of the four objectives he is in control of.
To control one of these a player must have scoring troops (i.e. not skirmishers, artillery or troops belonging to the Artillery Master. In addition characters and units reduced to one stand cannot control anything, as is the case with confused units) within the boundaries of the objective and be the only player to have troops in the particular objective. If a player controls an objective he will be awarded one point; i.e. up to three points by each player may be grabbed each turn.
After the battle the points will decide who won the game.
In addition 2 points will be awarded for bringing the enemy to their break point and 2 for killing/capturing the enemy general.

All the best,

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