Friday, 20 January 2012

Church on a DVD - 6mm / 10mm Terrain

the first of the finished dvd-terrain pieces (begun here) is this church. It is made of some type of grey clay that I was a bit worried about painting but in the end it turned out very well, at least I think so :-). The church does look a bit "new" and could do with some weathering, but perhaps the congregation just finished repainting it before war came to their neighbourhood?
(Actually - looking at the pictures I seem to have forgotten to "weather" most of the gravestones as well - must be new graves?)

The gravestones are of this type:
A nice little set - I kept some for the next church in line.

The tree is one of the lovely ones produced by Heki (I think) and the hedge was a cheap buy from my local train-hobby store. The fence-thingy id from Irregular Miniatures (and I just bought 10 more of those :-)).

All the best!



  1. Well, it's a nice little new church. Good job on this scenery.

  2. Thanks! Now that I review the pictures I can see that something didn't "pop" up in them. the graves have a different flock to represent more carefully kept areas - but perhaps there is still too much of the other flock covering them to show in pictures. Hopefully after they get knocked around some this will be more apparent :-).

    All the best,


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