Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Overcoming Obstacles IV

Hello all,
the last of the obstacles finished last week;

 This one turned out particularly well - looks like something you would expect to find close to a forest or similarly. A few strips of logbarriers from Irregular Miniatures and one lovely tree - Noch?

 A short strip with a hedge - used up the last of my hedge-supply. At least of the good stuff - the quality and look of this one is perfect, but I can't remember where I bought it from... alas my memory is failing big time.
 A few of Irregular Miniatures Gun emplacements - they might be too small once the Kallistra Cannons occupy them but the rest of the time they'l look fine, I hope.

Next up will be a few small towns/churches I've been working on and I really should get a lot of roads done - I need about two meters of road to really clutter the battlefield!

Oh, and we have a new game scheduled for the 31 - so expect a battle report sometime in early feb.

All the best,

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