Sunday, 8 January 2012

Overcoming Obstacles II

Hello all,
I managed to sneak in some hobby time today and get some work done on the obstacles I begun a week ago.
Here is a short preview of the results - with the Artillery Master proudly displaying his Organ Gun in the middle:

Most of the terrain are N scale (or ca. 6mm) while the minis are ten mm. I know thats a bit weird but it really looks more "correct" on the battlefield in my opinion and works really well footprint-wise.

The object of these obstacles is to preovide some nice looking "clutter" for the battlefield - although they could be used as obstacles and thus given defended status to infantrye etc, they are mainly just there to break up the "flatness" of the battlefield. I hope and trust they will work.

Heres the first of the obstacles - a stone (I naturally had to paint it as I didn't think it looked enough like a stone :-)), a small tree from Heki or Noch (damn I wish I had more of these!) and a few sections of the same wall as the Master is deployed behind. I've forgotten where I got these from and if anyone could help me out with a name I would really appreciate it!

I'll be showing close ups the next few days so stay tuned in breathless excitement!
All the best,

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