Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Warmaster and Rick Priestley's new home

Hello all - trust you made it through New Year safely!

Due to certain unmentionable elements in the gaming industry, the God-father of Warmaster (both fantasy, Ancients and Medieval), Warhammer, and a personal hero of mine, Mr. Rick Priestley, got a new homepage/blog during Christmas. (Actually I'm not entirely sure if he is aware of this :-)).

No longer able to update the former nexus of internet-warmasterianism (http://www.rickpriestley.com/) a few brave men (I suppose) have set up a new blog that will, hopefully, become the new place to be (or read) for all Warmaster purposes. This is where yous hould go for enw army lists, rule FAQs and clarifications, etc.
I really hope this blog succeeds as there are quite a few minor adjustments needed to both the most ancient army lists and the newest (in my opinion). I.e. a Hittite army is so completely different from a Teutonic Order list that there is no way they could play  level game.

Anyways, I urge you to go there and if possible contribute or just let your clicks show that you appreciate the site.

All the best,

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