Thursday 3 October 2013

Orctober - The kids join the fun

Hello all,
My two sons and I had an enjoyable afternoon walking the nearby 'forest', coming home and playing a quick game of Heroquest. Then they both wished to paint some miniatures. This was the first time the youngest (just turned 5) has expressed such a wish, while the eldest (9) has tried it a few times.
This turned into a brilliant painting session where both had some great fun - and as they were painting greenskins they, upon hearing about "Orctober" pleaded to be part of it.

Birk, age 5

Frej, age 9
So here is the first orc for Orctober: Mr. Yellow, painted by Birk age 5:

Orc, Heroquest, Painted, kid
Mr. Yellow is quite proud of his pink chainmail.. must have been looted from an Elf?

I'm a pretty proud dad - sure, some areas arn't covered etc, but I think he shows great promise! The only thing I did was pour the paint, encourage and paint the base.

More Orcs (and a Fimir) to follow next friday.

All the best,


  1. great to see the next generation of gamers/painters and cracking work for a first Orc and at such a tender age
    Peace James

  2. Very good, pass on my compliments please. I'm particularly impressed with the blood on the blade and fist of Mr Yellow, he is clearly not averse to getting stuck in.

  3. Wonderful! My five year old son has also recently started on some orcs, the grenadier plastics so not a million miles away from your own son's wonderful first try. Happy orctober.

    1. Oh meant to add, all my hero quest orcs ended up looking a little similar a bit neater maybe but I was much older. The main thing though is all the blood on the sword! That is how to paint a hero quest orc.

  4. Great stuff, I need to let my kids have a go at painting.

  5. Cheers, guys. It was a lot of fun and some very intense "togetherness". I really recomend painting with the kids. Now I just need to buy some more miniatures as they have painted most of my stash :-).


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