Friday, 25 October 2013

A new fouling-boot for Mr. Mummy

Hello all,
Among my big box of old minis I happened upon an old mummy Blood Bowl player. We all know how easy mummies are to paint so I figured this would be a fun mini to start with. Unfortunately, it turns out that I, somewhere fifteen-twenty years ago urgently needed a mummy foot. And a mummy arm.
I have no idea for what, but Mr. Mummy has had to live with the consequences ever since. No doubt bullied by the other, more complete, unpainted miniatures.

So, I've made him a new boot from Play-Doh and superglue, as I have no fancy green-stuff available...
I hope it will look alright once the paint and blood has done their bit to camouflage the injury and crappy 60-second repair job:

Mummy, Games, Workshop, Blood Bowl, Conversion, clay-do, Play-doh

Not sure what to do about the arm. for some reason I'm inclined to make a tentacle for him. In the end I couldn't make up my mind and have decided to leave it be (a casualty of some Big Guy) and see what turns up in the bits box.

Mummy, Games, Workshop, Blood Bowl, Conversion, clay-do, Play-doh

All the best,

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