Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Cats, Cats, Cats!

Hello all,
It seems my home has been infested by that viral disease known as "Cats". reading blogs on the internet from fellow bloggers it is apparent that this disease is widespread and seems impossible to fight. What is certain is that they do not help ones painting efforts, continually knock down paint and miniatures, and when ignored will start chewing on paintbrushes and drinking the paintdiluted water.
But they are so cute....
Cat, painting, miniatures, cute
A viral strain of the cat disease known as Tosca - a perpetual brushchewer

Cat, painting, miniatures, cute
And its sister - Ninja - who will casually knock over any unsupervised miniature to get your attention...

All the best,


  1. 2 cute beasties :)
    my 2 cats luckily don't have an interest in chewing brushes, but one loves to eat packing material and they both love the foam squares that come in minis blister packs as toys.

  2. Nice Cats, I only have one old girl left but used to have to fight off 4 cats at one point. Gone for Dogs now make less impact on your hobby area :)
    Peace James


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