Friday, 18 October 2013

October III: Two more Heroquest orcs

Hello all,
While my sons were painting their orcs, I managed to grab a few for myself and decided to experiment a bit with alternative skin colours. I've recently seen some spiffing yellow orcs and wanted to try this out.
The results were ok - paint wise it worked, I think, but they have lost that iconic orciness. But for fifteen minutes of actual painting time per mini, I'm pretty satisfied with the two (who must eb brothers, right?).
Anyways, allow me to introduce my own mr. yellow and his best friend mr. pale:

Orc, Heroquest, paint, yellow, skin, orctober

The chap on the left was painted with a mix of half yellow and half Vallejo flesh, while the other was given a pure Vallejo flesh base (using this easy painting skin guide).

All the best,

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