Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mystery solved - Dwarfs with Spears from Grenadier

Hello all,
Well, once again the collective mind of the internet came to my rescue. Mere moments after I had uploaded my "mystery dwarfs", Leif Eriksson came to my rescue.
It appears they were sculpted by Nick Lund, a talented and prolific sculptor, for use with Grenadier's Fantasy Warrior game system (never heard of it myself, but apparently it can be downloaded for free here:

Anyone know if the game was any good or what Nick Lund might be up to today?

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Mystery Dwarfs no more - Nick Lund's Dwarfs with Spears
My three dwarfs can be seen on the Stuff of Legend page, listed as "Dwarves with spears" - Fantasy Warriors pack 931. I couldn't find much additional information on them, but the funny thing is they can still be bought - Mirliton sells them as "Dwarfes [sic] with spears" for "just" 8,16 euro. Thereare several other types of dwarfs from the same series on their page, well worth a look.

Thanks for the help, Leif!

Now if only I could remember how I came to own these I would be happy - but I am looking forward to painting them. Despite their age they are sculpts full of character and must be some of the first minis I ever owned.

All the best,

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  1. "Anyone know if the game was any good"

    Well, the game has some features from more strategical simulations, notably the command structure, contingents, orders, and the possibility to divide the army into a vanguard/scout section, which again has a big impact on the starting positions and the initiative. Naturally, several markers are used to define what different units are up to. If you like these aspects, you will find them good. If you don't like the strategic aspect but enjoy the straightforward grind of Warhammer, then this might be too complicated.

    The actual game play, how the units move and what different types of units do on the game board are quite similar to Warhammer. The rules have some niceties, but in general they are perhaps a bit underdeveloped, leaving something for the players to decide, and making some units and unit combos quite strong. All of this will cause some confusion for a new player, especially if this is the first miniature strategy game.

    I'd say for an experienced player group who is ready to do some testing and house rules, the Fantasy Warriors system might bring new aspects of fun on the table. It's definitely more in the vein of the classical miniature strategy games rather than the modern battle games.



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