Friday, 22 April 2011

Wacky Warmaster - the first lists

Hello all,
as mentioned earlier we are having a bit of a wacky warmaster bash. The rules can be found here, but it is really just 500 points of units from one army list but with no rules.
I finished my two lists yesterday and here they are:

List 1 - "This is SPARTAAAA!"
5x Spartan Bodyguard: 400
1x Sacred Band: 70
1x Skirmishers: 30
500 points with a BP of only 3 (inspiration credit goes to Simon, thanks!)

List 2 - "KaBOOOOM!"
4x Heavy Cannons: 300p
4x Cannons: 200p
500 points with a BP of 4.

Two very diverse armies... If you do have any quick feedback or ideas, please do tell - there is still time to change the lists :-). The tactic of each should be evident - see any elephants shoot them down or kill them with your superior skills.
I think those are the two hardest and weirdest and wackiest lists that I could field. Gonna be fun! I will be back with the other four lists...

Best regards,

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