Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wacky Warmaster - more lists

Hello all,
two more lists for tonights Warmaster bash - not the wackiest but one is hard as rock and if you knew the guy who made the lists you would appreciate just how different the second is from his usual armies. Four infantry units is something he would normally avoid fielding in even an 1500 points army....

Band of Brothers:
3x Brother Knights (3x145)
1x Crossbowmen (1x 45)
total: 490 and a BP of 2 (!)

Band of Searchers:
1x Brother Knights (1x 145)
2x Light Horses (2x 45)
1x Spearmen (pavisse) (50)
3x crossbowmen (3x 55)
Total: 500 and a BP of 4

Looking forward to the last lists and the bash itself :-).
Best regards,

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