Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wacky Warmaster - 500 points of radical thinking

Greetings all!
Apart from reliving my years of collecting Skaven, I am a warmaster player at heart. So, given that I am teaching at the University of Greenland for a few weeks and do not have the time to do any serious wargaming, we decided in our small gaming group to do something different for a quick evening worth of Warmastering.
The idea is that instead of playing one, normal and time consuming, game we will have some fun with smaller armies. Back when we began Warmaster we had a series of evenings with 500ish point armeis, just to get into the rules and armies. And these were brilliant fun - fast and furious, and very unpredictable.
So we are back to 500 points, but this time with a, perhaps foolish, twist.

The plan and challenge for "Wacky Warmaster" is that we will play two games, using two different armies.
These armies should be below 500 points (but with a free LD 9 general) and apart from having to choose from one armylist, no further restrcitions apply!
So, for instance one could field 500 points worth of warbands, Falx units or something similar.

My question is: what would you field? What army would be the best and most extreme that you can dream up?
My thinking at the moment is that the armies should be extreme; i.e. only one thing, but taken to an extreme. 
Current suggestions and ideas centre on armies of two elephant units and some light cavalry; only mounted English Longbowmen or perhaps only Roman elite legionaries.
I do have one or two secret ideas that are currently on the top of my list - but there are spies ("Spies, Spies everywhere, I tell you!") on the internet so I might keep them secret until the day arrives.

But I welcome any wacky and fun and efficient ideas - so set free your imagination and let me know what you dream up. The games will of course be featured in battlereports on this site - so if your armylist is picked you might see it in action as well :-).

All the best,


  1. That is a great idea. I might have to try that with some guys I'm trying to encourage into warmaster.

    2 Elephants could work, from the Seleucid list you could pair them with 4 units of unreliable warband..

    If you were going to go for really hard-core infantry, I reckon Spartan bodyguard from the original book are better than Romans (4 attacks, 4 hits). You could take 6 units of Spartan bodyguard and then the left over 20pts to upgrade the free general to Leonidas. Thematic as well - The famous 300 Spartans from Thermopylae?!

    Or just 10 units of Viking berserkers!!

    Have fun!

  2. Oh - I do love the Spartan idea! That has just catapulted its way to the top of my list. And, as you mention, I can yell "THIS IS SPARTAAAA" all through the game!
    Keep the ideas coming!

  3. I would choose parthian horse archers. For 500pts you may have plenty of them.

    Or the extreme - Parthian foot militia (15pts. for a unit). Poor troops but for 500 pts. you can flood an enemy with them, ignoring even a heavy loses.

  4. Hmm, I did consider using the Hun light horse archers (they are range 30cm?) but would Parthians be better? Unfortunately I did not bring my rulebooks with me to Greenland so I cannot check that at the moment.
    As for the "flood of poor troops"- strategy I wondered how effective they would be against, say two elephant units? Although the elephants would have to slaughter a billion poor troops I am not sure they wouldnt just trample through them, more or less untouched. But it is definately worth considering - but perhaps the slightly more expensive type that is not Unreliable - so saving a second commandant in the army?
    But great suggestions - please keep them coming :-).


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