Thursday, 7 April 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 22 - Clan Eshin

Hello all - while I would still love suggestions for the "Wacky Warmaster Challenge", there is plenty of Skaven images to get through, so to speak.

This time it is time for those deadly ninjas of Clan Eshin. I alwys loved how the authors got ninjas into the warhammerian and Skaven lore - a lost clan, heads east and becomes ninjas; simpel and effective :-).
The old models (the ones below) were really diverse and each felt "alive", i.e. had equipment and a style that set him apart from other vermin. I really enjoyed that. Also they do not look like organised soldiers at all, the ninja "warfare" style is really predominant.

Skaven Gutter Runners Old
 I love how individual these two are (even though it clearly is the same model used as a base). The barbed net is brilliant and so is the sling - although that is a pretty massive slingshotstone :-). What was the rule for nets? Extra armour save or something?
Skaven Gutter Runners Old

More Eshins next time.

Also, I found this LLH cartoon which really represents my attitude towards GW. I really want their minis but, golly, they are expensive!

Anyways, all the best,

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