Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Vallejo Disaster!

Hello all - well the thing that must not happen just happened!
While I was painting my four new Heavy Cannons from Kallistra I needed some more brown paint to finish up the big guns. In the back of my mind I kept wondering why no brown paint was coming out of my Vallejo Paint but I gave the voice no attention being focused on how quickly I had gotten the guns ready.
Alas this meant that with a huge Fuuumpff the bottle tip exploded splattering obscene amounts of brown paint all over my painting station. 
Everything was hit within a 30cm range - Half painted minis, camera, shirt, table, pictures - you name it they were now splattered with non-fascionable brown paint. Worst of all was the almost done cannons standing right next to the ground zero - I had to repaint most of them trying to remove the brown - very heavy - unwanted coat of paint.
Pictures of the before and after the Vallejo paint disaster:
A picture taken the day before - no cannons and no paint disaster anywhere..    

... but then the disaster happened. This is just after - having only tried to remove the worst on the cannons.

Anyways, dont pressure the paint if it doesnt want to come out - be smart and use a paperclip to unclog it...


  1. Hard luck Kasper!

    I didn't even realise Vallejo pots came apart like that. On the positive side your paint station looks pretty tidy and neat compared to mine, even after the spill!

  2. I have done the same thing with a bottle of Reaper black primer. I still find spots in the game room where my table is located. Luckily, I was primering figures, so I just wiped off the excess, however my shirt is still stained.

  3. It looks like your paint bottle misfired. : ( Sorry to hear your cannons took the brunt of it though I'm glad to hear your miniatures didn't get too badly splattered. I've seen this happen a number of times to people with Vallejo paints but unfortunately it seems like every manufacturer has some kind of problem with their containers. Best of luck to you going forward!

  4. yup it sure did "misfire" :-). But the quality of the paint and the ease of use still means I'm getting more of Vallejo's paintbottles. I'll call this a freak accident and get on with it.. although when I found a blob of brown paint on the face of my newly painted general (waiting for a new base 20cm from ground zero) I was quite close to throwing all the vallejos out the window :-/.


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