Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New cheap 10mm Castle

Hello all,
While shopping for new fish for our aquarium I noticed this small castle in the junk box. It is actually really detailed once you look beyond the tacky paintjob and I think it might make a fine little 6 or 10mm castle.

So far I have given it a black shading on the walls and a new base - and it looks like it will turn out alright :-). More pictures later. But not bad for 3-4£ :-).

Best regards,


  1. Nice toy-castle. But IRL it would have been easy to destroy. Looking forward to examine it more closely. :-)

  2. Yup, in real life the mountain wouldn't have been the best place to build it, but hey! It will look good and be another piece of terrain where your irritating knights wont be able to go :-).


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