Friday, 10 September 2010

Steve Barber Models - 10mm Early German Cavalry

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Next in the line of light or skirmishing cavalry units for Warmaster are these fine Early German mounted warriors from Steve Barber Models. This talented guy produces a smallish 10mm line of very high quality miniatures. Almost too many details on these - a lot of which I struggled to get paint on. But the faces are well defined, the horses are great (some of the best non-heavy horses available) and with just enough variety to make a great unit.
I would really have loved for a "command group" or just a mini that was clearly a leader but alas - this must be one of those communist early german units :-).
As there were only ten models in my pack (standard for Steve Barber Models) I had to add an additional model (one of Pendraken's boring Gaul Cavalry - the one with the bent spear (when will I remember to straighten those out before I snap a picture??)). The result really shows that one can mix and match pretty much any 10mm minis and once they are painted and based no one will spot the difference unless you point it out to them.

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