Monday, 6 September 2010

Pendraken - 10mm Gaul Cavalry

Hello all,
another unit ready for its moment of internet fame :-). This time it is a unit of Gaul Cavalry from Pendraken. And one fo the reasons I don't buy Pendraken minis anymore. The unit comes with only one pose, short and weird horses (ponys?) and the Gaul himself is devoid of detail and looks boring. The only positive thing is that the face is actually quite good.
I had to do a lot of different horse colours to get some variance into the unit - some worked and some look a wee bit weird :-).
Anyway - the unit does look like light mounted skirmishers so that is the role they get to die in most often.

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  1. I think they look good, but I know what you mean about Pendraken figures. I've had some success mixing up different packs as a way of getting more poses, but that only works if you need multiple units of the same/similar thing.

    I'm very impressed that you had the patience to paint the different shades on the horses! Usually with figures like that I just resort to batch painting them to get them out the way quickly and move onto something more fun!!


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