Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New Acquisitions: Ebay'ed Games Workshop and Kallistra Cannons!

Hello all,
Well I love trawling the corners of Ebay for great offers and once in a blue moon gold is struck.
This time I got what looks like (they havn't arrived yet) six Games Workshop Empire Great Cannons, two Hellblasters and eight siege guns. All that for 15$ (including shipping to Denmark!) - that is a great buy and will give me more cannons than I can ever use (unfortunately.. maybe I should make a new scenario - perhaps the Master Gunner has a secret stash..).
And as the GW cannons are by far some of the best on the 10mm market - it will be fun to paint them.

In the same buying spree I also got a unit of GW Reiksguard Knights - great figures that look the part of heavy knights and will add some detail to my heavy cavalry brigades.
All this would be perfect if not for the fact hat I had already ordered a few boxes from Kallistra (through a friend of mine) among which are four Heavy Cannons. And yes that means I have far too many cannons :-).
Yup - four of those will make a lot of noice!
I also got a pack of command figures to flesh some of the more boring units out and give them a better central unit.
And last, but not least, I got a pack called "The Impaled" - twenty stakes with the fearful remains of Ottoman Turks impaled on them - that will be fun to paint!

Oh well, more minis for the guilt pile!

Best regards,


  1. Blimey Kasper ! How did you find that auction ?! Nice one and good luck to you. I also use eBay a lot, it's amazing the kind of bargains you can pick up but I'm always gritting my teeth in the last few minutes.

    I did manage to pick up a whole army of Fantasy Battle Dwarfs that were being sold by a lady who's son had left home for University. She advertised them as "little elfs" in the wrong category and I just stumbled across them by accident :) It was my finest eBay hour !

    Keep up the blogging, I've enjoyed my visit,

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  2. Howdy Sigmar!
    I guess it was a case of me being extremly lucky that day (and perhaps that it was miscategorised or something - I seem to remember something about that). And it was lucky - I think I could resell the bombards for twice that amount and event hough I probably should (I have way too many cannons now) I just cant bring myself to do so :-).
    Love the "little elfs" - maybe you should have searched for "naughty elfs" (Slaneeshi) or "green elfs" (orcs) at the same time :-).
    Always feel free to stop by - and we need more 8th ed. battle reports on your sites!
    Best regards,

  3. That is an excellent haul! I love ebay but I've found I'm spending too much on figures from there as well though! I have nearly a whole 1000pt WM force of Vikings in the guilt pile now from various lots.

    My finest hour was a lot labelled "Dark Elf Bits" with a picture of a few Witch Elves. The depths of the description however revealed there was also a chariot, 2 hydras and a handful of characters included. :)

    "The impaled" are pretty gruesome.

  4. Kasper- Congrats on your trove. I have taken some of my extra guns I have and made them into limbered guns for scenarios where you need baggage and other wagons to defend. Just a thought if you find you have too many. Conversley, you can build a castle to lay siege to :)

  5. Howdy Foss1066 - thats actually a great idea regarding the limbered guns. I might just do that so thanks for the idea!


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