Thursday, 7 January 2010

Next battle - Assume Battle Stations!

Here is the map for our next battle (19/01). Per you will deploy in the top part while Uffe and I are in the bottom part - Uffe on the left flank (hill side) and me on the right (village side). I suggest you print a copy and draw your deployment on it in advance.
Special Rules:
1500 point battle.
Per: 1500p. Min/max as normal (ie. double the ones in the list).
Uffe/Kasper: 750p each. Min/max as normal. Uffe gets to buy a general (who gets the final word in the game). The armies combine their Break Point and losses. Leaders may order units from allied army.
Other suggestions?
We will be using the new errata-rules so be sure to read them in advance.
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