Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Ebay buys

Soooo - I fell to temptation and bought a few more items on ebay (it is just so cheap that I find it hard to resist). Please note these are all the sellers pictures as I have not received the packages yet.

First up are some more small animals to add interest to fields and villages:

Pack Contains: 4 Horses/Ponies, 4 Cows, & 6 Sheep/Lambs - handpainted (I wonder how they look!)

Next a long stretch of village walling which is sorely needed - if this looks as nice in real life as in the photo I will get much more and start making linear objects outside the village/forest templates.
Made by Javis Premier.

I need a new cemetary as the old one looks silly and has taken a lot of battle damage. So I hope these might make a small cemetary for one of my unpainted churches:

There are 14 metal pieces and they are made by Langley.

And finally to supplement my "photobase" - a new background which was almost free and might be easier to use than a glossy photo.

It is called "Mountainous Landscape SK13" and made by Peco Scenics.

Best regards,


  1. Hi there, I've only just come across your blog and I've been checking out the minis and terrain posts - very nice stuff.

    Just wondering if you had received the walls yet? - I am come across them on ebay and I was wondering how them measure up for 10mm gaming?


  2. Hello Simon and welcome to the blog!
    The walls are actually great and the right size. Unfortunately they had a lot of resin dirt on them and have been soaking for a while now - I had more or less forgotten about them, but I will get a few painted up shortly and show them here on the blog..
    Best regards,


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