Friday, 15 January 2010

A Big Pile of Lead = Massive Guilt

This be the list of my guilt - the unpainted heroes of the battlefield. Most of these are bought on ebay (and yes - I have no problem mixing different brands in an army - not noticeable I think) so there are a few mystery units that I would like your help with identifying!
These are the ones with pictures so if you recognize them please let me know!

2x Hero stands (Kallistra and Games Workshop)
1x Halfling command stand (Eureka)
1x Wizard (Games Workshop)

4x 2x 100 Years War Siege Cannons (Kallistra)
1x Cannon (? English Civil War) Still not sure about the make of this one..

3x Romano British Horse Archers (Kallistra)
1x 12/13th Century Barded Knights (Magister Militium)
1x Mounted Men-at-Arms (Kallistra)
1x Conquistador Cabelleros (Obelix Miniatures)
1x Light cav (?)

2x Conquistador Sword and Bucklermen (Obelix Miniatures)

1x Romano British Spearmen by Kallistra
1x Continental Pikemen by Kallistra
1x Scottish Pikemen by Kallistra
1x Empire Flagellants (Games Workshop)

2  x Goth Infantry and Skirmishers (Magister Militium) - One down!

1x Saxon Levy (armed villagers) (Magister Militium) - Done!
1x Empire Skirmishers (Games Workshop) - Done!

2x Empire Handgunners (Games Workshop)
1x Empire Crossbow (Games Workshop)
1x Early German Archers(Steve Barber)
1x 14/15th Century Crossbowmen with Pavisse(Magister Militium)

1x Handgunners (?)
1x Infantry with pikes (English civil war by Old Glory?)

(And four fearsomely fantastic dinosaurs :-))

Total unpainted:
Characters:  4 stands
Artillery:      5 2 cannons (2½ units)
Cavalry:      7  units
Infantry:     22  15 units

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