Friday, 22 January 2010

Battle report from 19/01-10

So as planned we fought a battle the other evening using the Warmaster Ancient rules. The battle was hard fought, very close and as always extremely bloody. Especially a hill in the center must have been drenched by the blood of countless infantry men who died trying to seize it from the enemy.

The armies were as follows but I think it would be fun to have any guesses as to who won (the report will not be finished before sometime next week as I have a short seminar coming up and need to finish a paper...). The best guess will be saluted!

The Cathagian army 1500 points:
1 x Hannibal 150
2 x Leaders 160
1 x Elephants 150
2 x Heavy Cavalry 220
1 x Light Cavalry 60
4 x Infantry 180
12 x Warbands 300
4 x Skirmishing Infantry 120
4 x Skirmishing Cavalry (Numidians) 160
Total of 1500 points and with a break point of 10

The army of Wales (2x 750 points)
The Black Walesians (using the Teuton Brotherhood army list):
1 x General 125
1 x Brother Knights 145
2 x Crusader Knights 270
3 x Light Horses 210
The Backbone of Wales (using the Army of Wales list):
1 x Leader 80
1 x Irish Chieftain 50
2 x Archers 80
1 x Irish Mercenaries 45
14 x Welsh Foot 490
Total: 1495 and a break point at 12

And the battlefield:

Best regards and I promise the battle report will be up as soon as possible.

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  1. I'm convinced that the welsh army won the battle. The Black Walesians' general have more staminay and intelligence than the opponent :-)


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