Friday, 22 January 2010

Dipping 10mm miniatures?

Hello all - I need your opinions and experience!
With the increasing amount of people who are turning to the "darkside" and dipping their miniatures instead of the old fashioned (and lengthy) process of painstakingly painting each detail I have become tempted to try it out.
Not for the first time either - it seems every six months I'll go to the Army Painter Homepage and imagine what could be, and in the end be put of by both the many things one would have to buy to begin dipping and from the lack of examples of 10mm dipped (or splashed as would probably be a better approach to 10mm).

So have anyone tried dipping or splashing Army Painter Shades on 10mm miniatures? If so - what results were achieved, what shades were good/bad etc - please share!

Best regards,


  1. hi.
    I paint a lot of 10mm, and I don't use Army painter because it's too dark for the minis.
    instead, I use wood glazes, with two main colors:
    - light oak
    - grey
    If you want to see the results, go to my blog, and check the prussian army gallery and the Burguandian army. You will see the results with the grey one.

    Good luck with your experiences.

  2. Thanks for the reply - and your minis look very nice indeed. Have you any pointers as to what kind of wood glaze you use and how you go about applying it? I couldn't find anything about it on your Homepage.
    Best regards.

  3. I take acrylic wood glazes, because I can dilute them in water (about 20% of water, max)and the glaze dries up a lot faster (about 30 min max)

    then I apply it with a brush, no dipping, because I can apply it where I want, and I can have a better control.

    After that, I can drybrush, or directly varnish the minis, but be careful: use a matt varnish, otherwise they will shine.

    I hope i answered your questions

  4. Hey Kasper, after your comments on my blog I have been discovering yours, and mighty impressive it is too :)

    I thought I'd weigh in on this post. All of the Praetorian IG infantry models on my blog have been done using 'The Army Painter' dip, which I find really easy to use. Although it does feel like cheating, if your trying to get through a lot of models like I am, it really is a life saver! Give me a shout if you have any other questions on the Army Painter!

  5. Thanks for the visit - you are always welcomed (even though the amount of 40k material is very sparse :-)).
    It does seem like cheating (which is strange) but it also seems like a very effective timesaver - but I was wondering as to how well it works with 10mm miniatures (and 6mm).
    But I guess I will have to try it out and maybe the Varnish method as well (which is probably the same concept) - especially if I want that horde army of barbarians to gain momentum.
    Best regards.


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