Monday, 17 February 2014

Gristlewhip - elusive no more!

Hello all,
It appears my summoning ritual has been a success!
As I mentioned in the last post I have been searching the scary corners of the Internet for the last Daemonette I needed to complete the collection, mrs. Gristlewhip.
Yesterday I then to much joy discovered that one of the ebayers who had a copy of the daemonette had opened up for shipping to Denmark. A few hours later, the much coveted lady (well, by me at least) was procured and is now (hopefully) on her way to Scandinavia!

Behold Gristlewhip, elusive daemonette extraordinaire:

Gristlewhip, daemonette, ebay,

To be honest she looks much like the others (perhaps a bit more daemonic face - or should that be insane?), and as she also turned out to be the most expensive of the lot (at 3.20£, whereas the others were bought at around 2£ each) she will be the one eternally chosen for first up on the line of scrimmage - especially in games versus dwarfs!

Anyways, thanks for sharing the summoning ritual with me - BTW, your soul is now eternally damned - and watch this space for a quick paint job of Gristlewhip once she arrives!

All the best,


  1. I love to see collections completed!

    1. Hi Paul, and yes it did feel wonderful. Can't wait to get the bugger painted :-)


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