Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cursed Spontaneous Ebay Purchases - Nurgle Troll and Darkling Elf

Hello all,
Well as I mentioned in the previous post, I managed to track down and buy the last Daemonette I needed. Now the cost of these old miniatures is often deliciously low, but postage to Denmark is horrendous and thus I often, entirely by accident, but more minis from the same seller, to ensure I get the fullest out of the postage that they often combine.
This time I fell in love witht wo very different miniatures - a soon-to-be Nurgle Troll and a delicious Dark Elf.

The first of these is the following weird sculpt:

Ebay, Nurgle, troll, Mud, Golem, TSR, Troll B, 5305, Monster Tribes
TSR's Troll B, 5305

This is actually a Troll (nicknamed troll B 5305), sold by TSR as part of their "Monster Tribes" in1983:

TSR, Monster, Tribes, 1983, Advanced, Dungeons, Dragons, Troll
 The Ebay-seller described it as a "Very rare TSR Mud Golem" from the 1980's and, of course "OOP" (and, as befits Ebay, a presentation all in Caps Locks...).
I plan to paint this chap up as a Nurgle lineman/big guy, depending on his size - his rotting body should be perfect for this. I have searched the Internet for any painted examples, and have so far found none. So, should you happen to have a painted example or have seen one, then I would appreciate you sharing the love!

The other mini I "accidentally" purchased is this contemporary Dark Elf assassin:

This was sold as a C09 series Dark Elf, "Death Maiden" even, from the 1980's and, as always, "OOP".

I believe this is actually "Witch Elf with Daggers 2" (074252/10), and dates from ca. 1985? First picture I could locate is in the Third Citadel Compendium (Link:, but she reappears in the 1991 red catalogue, and the body type in the 1989 winter catologue.

I think she is one of multiple variants on the same body type, all sculpted by Bob Naismith.
In the Citadel Compendium she is indeed called a "Death Maiden", which shall henceforth be this deathly assassins nick-name. Also - I seem to remember that this was one of the assassin titles (lvl 5, perhaps) from the third edition Warhammer armies? Will have to check next time i'm down in the basement...
(Link to her "family", the Dark Elves of the nineties, in the Stuff of Legends:

Anyways, stay tuned for paintjobs of these two, very, different miniatures!

All the best,

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