Tuesday, 25 February 2014

By Fire and Sword - brief (very brief) review

Hello all,

So I backed the "Fire and Sword" kickstarter, but only with a few $ to get the rulebook.
I've now had time to review it (not played it, though) and it looks okay. Some rules seem a bit redundant and needlessly complicated but otherwise it looks like it would do the trick and provide a good game. I think the second edition of Fire and Sword will prove to be a strong ruleset.

Fire, sword, ruleset, kickstarter, review

The reasons I backed was 1) to gain access to armylists for the eastern european/Russian countries during the timeperiod, and 2) to see what scenarios were in the book. I'm always on the lookout for scenarios, maps, etc, so was curious to see this 'eastern' take on things. But unfortunately there was not a lot of this in the basic version. Few armylists and few scenarios, but I guess these will be available to peruse later somewhere online.

Fire, sword, ruleset, kickstarter, review

So it looks like a fun ruleset, with great illustrations and painted minis, and their miniatureline looks great but is a bit too expensive for my taste.

All the best,


  1. It's a good ruleset for smaller skirmishes but not that good for bigger battles - as You've mentioned too much redundant rules make them too long.

    I play it from time to time

    1. Hi Cisza!
      Yes, it looks as best suited for skirmishing at the moment, but I think once they slim down and rewrite some fo the rules the game will be fun at larger levels as well.
      Have you got the complete armylists?
      All the best,


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