Friday, 14 February 2014

Elusive Gristlewhip, Auspicious Foldio

Hello all,
Been a bit quite here lately but more on that later.

What troubles me at the moment is that single Daemonette who keeps eluding me. She is neither particular rare nor expensive but during the last few months she has been the only one no one seems to sell on Ebay (and the only time she crept up was a seller who didn't ship to Denmark... sigh).

So, to show how serious I am, I've made the following poster:

Gristlewhip, daemonette, wanted

Should you find this seductive daemon in your secret stash (better be secret with all the daemonhunters strolling the streets), I'll gladly buy her if we can find a sensible price for Slaanesh's little b*stard.
She will be painted asap and forced into joining her sisters on the Fifty Shades of Purple team:

Daemonette, blood bowl, painted
 The individual members of the team can be seen here.

At the same time I've been constantly annoyed by how crappy my photographs turn out (mainly due to crappy light) so I joined the kickstarter for the Foldio:

It seems to be a very cheap little practical setup and I'm hoping this may help provide a bit more crisp and true-colour pictures...

It should arrive in April so expect a ton of new pictures around that time :-).

All the best,

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