Monday, 7 May 2012

Preparing for a Warmaster Siege

Hello all,
Believe it or not but we are about to embark on the "holy grail" of all wargaming: i.e. a siege. Hence, we would love your input. None of us have tried a siege in warmaster before, and the evidence of anyone having done so on the internets are scant at best, so if you have any pointers, hints or warnings please do share. This goes for all aspects of the game both the map, the armies and the rules.

The plan is to have 3000 points of besiegers lay siege to 2000 points of defenders (and have them attack after six months of preparation). The attackers will be deployed behind the line of earthworks, some 40cm from the front walls. the defender will have to man the gate, two corner towers and thirteen sections of wall (of which seven are in the front area).
We probably will not be using any of the special events and treacherous rules, in order to keep it simple the first time around.
Wish us luck, should take place sometime during the next month or so.
All the best,


  1. Have you seen the siege rules from Warmuster magazine #2?

  2. Hello Anon,
    We will be using the siege rules from the Warmaster Medieval book, which I believe builds upon that from Warmaster Fantasy and Warmuster?


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