Monday, 21 May 2012

New felt rivers by Hotz ArtWorks

Hello all,
Doing my bit to help against the global economic crisis I went and bought more stuff on ze 'net!

This time I got lured by fancy advertisement to purchase a complete set of the (very cheap) river system made by Hotz Artworks. The "Deluxe version".

They recently arrived (after some delay, apparently due to more customers than expected) and they do look good. Not great, but good. We'll be using them in the next battle and then I'll provide some more pictures of the rivers "in action".

I do think they will need a bit of extra detailing/flocking to fit in with the game mat and the rest of the terrain, but with the cheap price that would be ok.

All the best,


  1. Thanks for the post Kasper I will give these a look myself :-)


  2. Hi BL,
    Well, they do seem very nice and the price was right - I'll get some more photos of them in action next week.
    All the best,


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