Thursday, 3 May 2012

Kickstarting Zombicide

Hello all,
With three days to go of the kickstarter and the project fully funded, I thought I would bring this brilliant project to you, should you not have heard about it yet: Zombicide
Developed by an all-star team this boardgame looks amazing and like it will be the next best Zombie-game, and remain as one for a long time.

So the game looks good, but the best part is that they have included some 71 figures with the game, and if you join in on the kickstarter you get a ton of goodies:
  • Base game - 71 miniatures etc
  • 3 Promo Survivors and their Zombie counterparts: 6 miniatures
  • 4 additional Fatties - 4 miniatures
  • 6 additional Runners - 6 miniatures
  • 20 additional Walkers - 20 miniatures
  • 1 additional Abomination - 1 miniature
  • 6 custom black dice
  • 6 glow in the dark dice
  • 1 T-shirt

Thats a 108 minis, a game and other fun stuff for 100 dollars? At less than a dolalr a figure and a game on top of that, that is an amazing deal, especially considering the quality of the minis. I am looking very much forward to painting each and every one of these:

Anyways, just wanted to inform you of this while there is still time to get in on the action :-).

All the best,

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