Sunday, 6 May 2012

New stuff from ebay - blood and hedges

Hello all,
Fell for the temptation once again... and bought some stuff on Ebay. Apart from a lot of cheap chinese instant glue I also bought some more of the "Javis CountrySide hedges" which are just superb. 
But what I wasreally looking forward to the most was a bottle of Tamiya Color Acrylic Paint Clear Red. I had read about this on the internet and it didn't disappoint. It is brilliant. 
It is rather thick paint that once dry resembles fresh blood remarkably well. If you add a bit of brown shade to it it looks like old blood. Great fun to use..

As mentioned in a previous post, I'll be getting a hundred wellsculpted zombies soon due to backing the game Zombicide on Kickstarter so I needed something to add a bit of atmosphere to them :-)

All the best,

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