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Battle Report - Master Gunner - 2000p Teutonic Order vs Ottoman Empire

Hello all,
A few weeks ago we finally had time to test out my scenario called "Master Gunner". 
In this two armies fight to the death to try and grab or persuade an artillery master to join their side in the coming campaign. This is bad news for the Gunner and he tries to resist to the best of his (and some friends with guns) abilities.

The short report is that the game was a blast and much bloodshedding went un until one side could grab hold of the Master Gunner and bring him home witht hem. There might be a spinoff soon in which the victourious side gets to use the MG for their evil intent.

The battle was fought between two 2000p armies, one from the Ottoman Empire and one consisting of the lost Teutonians from Wales while the small contingent belonging to the MG was commanded (poorly) by myself.
The report will be short as it took place some weeks ago and I have been travelling since so my brain is muddled but the comments, maps and pictures should provide the main points of the action.
Please enjoy and remember that all maps and pictures are clickable to get the larger picture :-).

The Ottoman Empire:
1 Sultan, 3x Bey, 2x Sipahis, 2x Kapikulu, 2x Heavy Cannon, 2x Cannon, 3x Akincis,
4x Janissaries, 8x Azabs, 8x Vassal Infantry.

The Black Teutonians of Wales:
1x Grand Master, 1x Magister, 6x Brother Knights, 3x Crusader Knights, 2x Light Horses,
3x Crossbowmen, 4x Spearmen with Pavisses.

The Master Gunner:
1x Master Gunner, 2x Crossbowmen, 2x Cannon, 2x Organ Guns

The deployment was done in a new (for us) way where you could either deploy a unit or a brigade each turn and then it was the opponents turn. This was quicker than drawing maps and turned out to be quite an interesting little meta-game. This also resutled in the following map where the Teutonians were tricked into deploying a fair amount of troops on their left. Most of their many heavy cavalry units were deployed centrally with the Crusaders on the right. The Ottomans had all the cheap stuff on the flanks and their few but strong cavalry units centrally.
The MG's position looked strong and I was hoping to get as many shots into the oncoming hordes as possible before I got swamped.

Ottoman Empire Turn 1

Carefully edging forwards (aka missing most orders) the Ottomans advanced on both flanks while the cannons were careful to stay just out of range of the MG's.

Black Teutonians Turn 1

The Teutonians also advanced carefully with the main movement being the Light Horses and infantry moving forward.
Ottoman Empire Turn 2

Another slow turn for the Ottomans saw the cheap Vassal Infantry secure one flank while the Azabs moved into the safety of the city.
Black Teutonians Turn 2
The Teutonians let loose one unit of Brother knights who flew forward and massacred one of the MG's crossbowmen units before withdrawing a short distance away - having opened up the way for the oncoming infantry units. On both flanks the cavalry units moved towards the enemy.
In the MG's turn he managed to turn both Organ Guns and the remaining Crossbowmen so that they could punish the Brother Knights. Unfortunately the MG's troops were very poor at shooting that closely and all that happened was that the Knights were forced a few meters back from the sheer amount of lead and bolts heading their way - one of which managed to hit their leader and confused him for the next turn. The cannons managed to deatroy an Ottoman cannon and a Teutonian Spearman stand.

Ottoman Empire Turn 3

 Not wanting the MG to fall into the Walesian hands the Janissaries took the offered chance and charged the Organ guns and the Crossbowmen (all of which had their backs turned) and slaughtered them effortless. This did leave them rather endangered ontop of the hill but the knights had moved up behind them in support while the Azabs hid in the forest to try and disrupt the Crusaders communication lines.

Black Teutonians Turn 3
I guess there is nothing Crusading knights love more than charging defenseless infantry and as such all three Crusader Knights units charged forward and destroyed two units of Janissaries with few casualties in return. the remaining Brother Knights also wanted to join the fun and moved forward.
Knights killing Janissaries on the now bloody hill.

Ottoman Empire Turn 4

 Eager to revenge the loss of their best infantry the Ottoman units tried to move forward but confusion and miscommunication ruled and only the Janissaries still left moved forward and destroyed the cannons leaving the MG entirely unguarded.
Black Teutonians Turn 4
The teutonians had little to think about as the order to charge resounded all over the battel field as most unts charged. The remaining janissaries were destroyed while a non descript infantry unit called "the Hungry Horses" for some weird reason moved into contact witht he MG and with a knock to his head persuaded him to follow peacefully.

Ottoman Empire Turn 5

Desperate to follow their Sultan's order and capture the MG the Ottomans threw their knights into the Teutonian line trying to break through and disrupt the attempt to get away with the MG. Although they destroyed their opponents both units were pretty badly beat up and were unable to follow through on their attack.
Black Teutonians Turn 5
Believing that god was ont heir side the hotheaded knights again charged aggressively all across the field and destroyed the remaining Ottomanian cavalry. Two units of Crusaders even managed to continue their rampage into the poor Ottomanian cannons that were quickly abandoned by their crew who fled into the nearby village and the safety it offered. all the while the Hungry Horses moved even further from the bloodshedding with the Master Gunner - claiming him and his service for their side and with that the victory.
Crusaders and Brother Knights mopping up any and all resistance.

End of the Battle

Casualties and conclusions
Master Gunner: 2x Crossbowmen, 2x Cannon, 2x Organ Guns
Ottoman Empire: 1x Azab, 2x Kapikulu, 2x Sipahis, 2x Cannon, 4x Janissaries, 3 Akincis = 1155
Black Teutonians: 2x Brother Knights, 1x Crusader Knights, ½ Spear, 1½x Light horse = 485

As the Black Teutonians not only managed to grab the Master Gunner and bring him into their half of the table but also won convincingly in points and position this was deemed a massive victory for them. Their position at the end of the battle would have made it easy for them to mop up the remains of the Turks who had little if any bit left. 

The entire battle when reviewed afterwards does seem to have gone according to the Teutonians - they managed to get the charge everytime and when they do they are invincible (as the Janissaries, heavy cavalry and cannons found out) with their knight abilities and heavy armour. There was little that the Ottoman did to stop them and maybe all that sacrificial infantry should have been thown at them in the center to stall them while the Janissaries removed the MG and the cavalry acted as rear guard.

As for my MG and his guards they were hardly anything more than a speedbump for both sides and there was a general agreement that his forces could be much larger to provide an actual challenge for the players. I am not sure about that, but it wa great fun to try and hold the despearate hill even though my complete failure to kill the Knights who say Ni with two Organ guns and a unit of Crossbowmen was humiliating :-). Those Knights were BTW the men of the match as they led every single mass charge and even managed to survive the battle - fear the Knights who say Ni!

But a great game and the scenario is heartily recommended to everyone!

Best regards,


  1. Great battle report!

    It does look like a great scenario, it's good to see a game where the sides have to be aggressive from the start. The Ottomans didn't really seem in the game though, maybe a slightly stronger MG force (and hence being a harder nut to crack) would help balance out a lucky streak in successful command rolls from one side in the first 2/3 turns?

    In your game it looks as though the Ottomans got spooked by the Teutogens getting into combat with the MG in turn 2 and then got fatally strung out trying to seize the initiative back?

    I love the software you use for your battle reports btw, definately going to have to download it!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello again - I'm really glad you liked the report. And I fully agree that this was very much a game fought on the Teutonians terms. I guess we are all a bit intimidated by the quality of the Brother Knights and then to face six units of those and three Crusader knights as well - that is enough to make any opponent tremble.

    The software (battle chronicler) is excellent and getting better each day - it is well worth using and after a few test runs it is a pleasure to work with. The only thing that takes a while is inserting the armies into the base after that the turns are easily done.
    Best regard, and looking forward to many reports from you :-).

  3. It is indeed a nice battle report. It puts you right back into the action. And for once my aggressiveness paid off. Normally the roll of the dice hasn't fallen my way. After turn 2 the Teutonians took the initiative and held it for the rest of the game. And that I think is the main point of this scenario - he who has the initiative will prevail if the dice is with him. :-)

    But it was a nice little game.


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