Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New scenario - The Master Gunner

Hello all, this is a new scenario that I was hoping to try out the next time we go warmastering. 
It should provide a fun and close drama with plenty of bloodshedding in an effort to secure the services of a very unenthusiastic Master Gunner.

EDIT: So we actually got around to play this scenario and it worked excellent with all sides ahving great fun. The opinion of the players was that the MG's force should be even larger than I suggested. We were playing two 2000p armies with less than 500 points of MG. This force (spread out to defend two sides) should perhaps be larger - maybe even in the 750 range, although this might be too much but I will let you guys decide on that and please let me know if you play the scenario and any comments!
Going to battle without a Master Gunner may be a bad idea...

The Master Gunner

This scenario features a fictive encounter between two enemy forces both of whom seek to enlist the aid of a mastery gunner in their upcoming war. Maybe his assistance is needed for a particular important siege or the bombardment of a city. In any case both sides wish to enlist the gunner while making absolutely sure the other side fails in their quest. Unfortunately the gunner in question wishes no part in the upcoming war and has decided to forcefully make his point clear.

Special rules:
Both sides deploy as normal after the Master Gunner (MG) and his small contingent of black powder troops have been deployed in their allocated space.
The MG's force will move, fire etc in their own turn which takes place immediately after the second player has finished his turn.
The MG will remain stationary as long as possible and will order his troops to fire at the closest enemy units, irrespective of which opposing force they are a part of.
If a player moves an infantry unit into contact with the MG it is considered to have "persuaded" the MG to join their cause. From then on the MG is attached to this unit and cannot give any orders but will move together with the infantry unit. If this unit is in any way destroyed or evades their enemy the MG will see his chance to avoid capture and is placed in the spot where the destruction or evade took place. If this happens in combat a victorious infantry unit may in turn take control of the MG.
The MG's force should be a subordinate officer (the MG himself) and a small contingent aimed at both sides. I am planning a handgunner unit, an Organ Gun and a cannon battery deployed on a hill facing directly towards both sides -but maybe a square of handgunners with an organ gun at each corner with the MG in the middle would look more suitably desperate :-). In any case there shouldn't be too many points of MG defence - the object is for the two main armies to fight over the guy - not for him to blast them away (although that would be fun...). For our game (2x2000p) I guess somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3-400 points of defenders should provide for an interesting speed bump.

Ending the game:
The battle ends if a) one side is wiped out or surrenders, b) if night falls and the game has to end or c) if one side manages to move the MG of the table.
If option a or c ends the game it is considered a major victory for the side in question.
If option b then the position of the MG and who is in control of him is the decisive factor – if he is closest to one side and that side ahs control of him it is a minor victory for that side but if he is nearest one side and controlled by the other the game is a draw.
No break points are calculated for this battle and as such no force can break (including the MG's) – both sides have been threatened with severe punishments should they fail to return with the MG. Of course the casualties should be calculated on each side to ensure the correct victory dance is performed but these points (and the dance) have no influence on who won the game – it is the MG who is the object of the game.

Suggested Map:

The MG and his "bodyguards" deploy on the central hill while the opposing forces start on the North and South edges as normal. (Map made with Battlechronicler). The exact composition of the terrain does not matter as the players should focus on wiping out the opposition and capturing the MG as quickly as possible - both cavalry and backup infantry should dominate this battle.
Spin offs:
If part of a campaign then the side who won this battle should be allowed a further bonus – maybe a reroll of one cannon per turn or maybe access to cannons in case they are not normally allowed such fine weapons of war. But maybe the MG decides at some point during the battle that he should disappear in the general confusion or maybe he even decides to point his guns towards his "liberators"…

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