Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Vallejo Washes

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one of the best things about painting minis for me has always been the application of washes - I just love how they bring the colours and details to life. I've been using Games Wokshops line for a while but when most of them were found to be empty during the last months I began looking at reviews of Vallejo's washes.
They seemed promising so I bought their new pack of eight different washes:

I have used most of them now on a range of models just to test them out and so far I must admit I am not completely overwhelmed by them. They are a bit lighter than I would have preferred so I need to apply several layers to get the result I am looking for. But they are better in range and colour than GW's so I think with time I shall become mighty happy with them :-).
If you want to read a brilliant review of them look here: lascannonslances. He goes through each wash and applies it to different base colours. Here is the Fleshshade wash, one that I was the least satisfied with:

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