Thursday, 19 August 2010

Expensive but Excellent!

Hello all,
well I finally went and did it - that one purchase for your hobby that you will never tell anyone just how expensive the final pricetag was. that one purchase that ruins your whole argument of "oh - but it is almost the cheapest hobby out there" and "I make almost all of my terrain myself". 
So what did I buy and hope my wife never finds out about?
This beauty:

No not the minis, the village or the hill but that green cloth underneath them - a Game Mat from, in the colour of Green. And it is excellent as these pictures from our latest battle hopefully shows!
We have been playing on a mdf board painted green for a long while and it was fine, but this is a whole new world. This mat suddenly ties all the terrain and bases together, makes the field look realistic and as an added bonus it makes the terrain stay where you put it for the entire battle.

The mat itself is very textured, with several nuances of green and brown and is very nice. It also seems to have some kind of latex finish and is guaranteed not to loose any flock (which so far is - amazingly - correct. How they do that is something I would very much like to know).

The colour is bit lighter/more nuanced than my unit bases but not enough to present a problem.
So all in all how satisfied am I? Completely - 10/10, the only downside is the price (which was severely bumped by the shipping cost for Europe) but it is still a purchase that should last a lifetime and will make every single game look and feel so much better that I really recommend this for all those who, like me, spent years trying to make game cloths or modular terrain etc and faced the problems of poor results and limits on available space.

The only advice I would give (apart from: live in the States so you save 50%) is to buy several bags of flock so that you may create a seemless terrain that will look brilliant. I bought one pack and it is not that big so today I would ahve probably bought three or four of them (and they are very great quality).
Damn it is nice!
Best regards,


  1. The mat looks pretty nice. I've been thinking of getting one for a while now, but couldn't decide on manufacturer. The reviews of this one look promising though.

    I'm off to America later in the year to visit family and I'm seriously considering buying one to be delivered to them.

    How did yours come packaged from them? And can it be folded OK, or do you have to roll it up? (wondering about getting it in a suitcase!)


  2. Howdy Raggy Bear;
    The mat is really great - havnt regretted buying it for a second. It is not foldable (much too thick for that) and quite heavy - you wouldnt get it into a suitcase that is for sure! It arrived inside one of those packages for posters and heavily wrapped as well (no damage from shipping).
    I recommend buying one over there and paying a few bucks extra to get it on the plane if that is possible.
    Best regards,


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